My first DevOps job interview Part 3 of 3

29 April, 2021
- 5 min read

The last task dealt with the topic of resource limits and scaling strategies. I had to think about the factors I would use to determine the scaling strategy...

My first DevOps job interview Part 2 of 3

22 April, 2021
- 4 min read

After creating the Dockerfile it was about setting up a Kubernetes cluster. Which program I use for this was up to me. In my DevOps with Kubernetes course...

My first DevOps job interview Part 1 of 3

15 April, 2021
- 4 min read

In the middle of March I had my first interview for a DevOps Engineer job for the time after my studies. During the interview process I was given a task...

My DevOps learning path

24 February, 2021
- 6 min read

My goal for the time after my university is to find a job in the field of DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering. The Phoenix Project and…

Simple Analytics iOS widget with Scriptable app

22 February, 2021
- 2 min read

Today I quickly build an iOS widget to see my page views and visitors on my iPhone. Since I don't always want to start my laptop to see my…

Add Simple Analytics to a GatsbyJS website

15 February, 2021
- 2 min read

I want to use analytics on my page for a long time. But using Google Analytics was a no go for me because of its’ privacy issues. So I…

Get architecture of NodeJS installation on Apple Silicon

11 January, 2021
- 1 min read

I had the privilege to get one of the new MacBook Pros with an M1 chip very early. Because of the new ARM architecture of the new processor…

13 MacOS apps I love and use

28 June, 2020
- 5 min read

The following apps are the ones I use / used and prefer to use. This is a very subjective topic and I really know that there are a lot more…

Simultaneous Promises with async/await

09 June, 2020
- 2 min read

I recently got me a membership of egghead.io (this is a referral code) to learn more about web development and all those new technologies. I…

What I love about DuckDuckGo

04 June, 2020
- 5 min read

Last year I decided to ditch Google as my preferred search engine. I moved over to DuckDuckGo as my search engine of choice inside all my…

Configure SSH for a specific Host

23 April, 2020
- 1 min read

I had to set up an Ubuntu machine a couple weeks back and set up a fresh git server at work. To get rid of the authentication every single…

Generate a random hash with fixed length

28 November, 2019
- 1 min read

In one of my projects I’ve been working on lately I needed the opportunity to create random hashes. One day I found a simple method that…

Implement PrismJS in GatsbyJS

06 June, 2019
- 2 min read

I recently implemented PrismJS for code highlighting in GatsbyJS . Since there weren’t that many posts to do a quick installation here is…

My first GatsbyJS starter

18 May, 2019
- 4 min read

After seeing a post on Free Code Camps’ Blog from Amber Wilkie (here) about a Gatsby site using my theme I really have to do a post about…

Books and Podcasts March & April

07 May, 2019
- 4 min read

Hi everyone, it’s already May so here is the post about the things I read or listened to in the last two months. I hope you enjoy this short…

Markdown Post Creator

05 May, 2019
- 2 min read

This Sunday I had the idea to create a little tool to help me create my blog posts. I write my posts in Bear which is a beautiful MacOS and…

My First Developer Meetup

03 May, 2019
- 2 min read

I have been at my first meetup ever last week. It was a React meetup. Even if React is a really new technology for me I thought that this…

Insertion Sort Algorithm

21 April, 2019
- 2 min read

Something different today and maybe a lot more times in the future. We started with algorithms at university this term. To understand it…

Podcasts I Listen To

20 March, 2019
- 5 min read

I started listening to podcast somewhere last year and it got a whole lot more than I thought in the beginning. There are pretty much more…

What I Read 2018

27 February, 2019
- 4 min read

Today I will talk about the books I read in 2018. In the last year, I started reading more books since I finished my apprenticeship and I…


09 September, 2018
- 2 min read

Over the last weekend, I created Referancy. A basic Python 3 script to create referral links for markdown driven sites. For example this…