Use GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) to host your Helm Charts

08 May, 2022

- 4 min read

TLDR: Full commands can be found at the end of the post. I recently started to check out Helm and thought about the combination of hosting…

Use Docker buildx in AWS CodeBuild to build multi-architecture Container Images

25 April, 2022

- 4 min read

TLDR: The can be found at the end of the post. I’ve spent the last few days building multi-architecture containers in AWS Codebuild. There…

How to install Weave's Ignite for Firecracker VMs with simple script

20 February, 2022

- 3 min read

Since I want to get more into Firecracker MicroVMs I started playing around with Weave’s Ignite which gives a familiar interface to to…

An alternative Docker installation with Multipass on macOS without using Docker for Mac

29 January, 2022

- 7 min read

Last week I received an email from the Docker Team which said that Docker for Mac (the software which also comes with a GUI) will be…

What to do when macOS keyboard writes wrong special characters

10 January, 2022

- 2 min read

At the moment I always have an external Keyboard connected to my MacBooks over a USB-C Dongle when I am working. From time to time the…

My DevOps year 2021 in review

28 December, 2021

- 3 min read

The year is almost over and I wanted to review the learnings I had this year. After writing a post about my DevOps learning path for 2021 I…

GitHub Actions workflows in combination with GitHub Container Registry Package Visibility

18 October, 2021

- 5 min read

Last week my task was to set up a container image that we wanted to use to test the GitHub Container Registry (GHCR). We wanted to see if we…

How to set environment variables in zsh and bash (macOS and Linux)

25 September, 2021

- 2 min read

It is often advisable to save certain variables, e.g. to be able to call terminal commands more easily. One use case for me was using the…

FOND OF DevOps - on joining FOND OF

03 September, 2021

- 4 min read

I took my last exam a few days ago. My bachelor thesis has been turned in and now the next step is coming up. By a lucky coincidence, I will…

My first DevOps job interview Part 3 of 3

29 April, 2021

- 5 min read

The last task dealt with the topic of resource limits and scaling strategies. I had to think about the factors I would use to determine the scaling strategy...

My first DevOps job interview Part 2 of 3

22 April, 2021

- 4 min read

After creating the Dockerfile it was about setting up a Kubernetes cluster. Which program I use for this was up to me. In my DevOps with Kubernetes course...

My first DevOps job interview Part 1 of 3

15 April, 2021

- 4 min read

In the middle of March I had my first interview for a DevOps Engineer job for the time after my studies. During the interview process I was given a task...

My DevOps learning path

24 February, 2021

- 6 min read

My goal for the time after my university is to find a job in the field of DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering. The Phoenix Project and…

Simple Analytics iOS widget with Scriptable app

22 February, 2021

- 2 min read

Today I quickly build an iOS widget to see my page views and visitors on my iPhone. Since I don't always want to start my laptop to see my…

Add Simple Analytics to a GatsbyJS website

15 February, 2021

- 2 min read

I want to use analytics on my page for a long time. But using Google Analytics was a no go for me because of its’ privacy issues. So I…

Get architecture of NodeJS installation on Apple Silicon

11 January, 2021

- 1 min read

I had the privilege to get one of the new MacBook Pros with an M1 chip very early. Because of the new ARM architecture of the new processor…

13 MacOS apps I love and use

28 June, 2020

- 5 min read

The following apps are the ones I use / used and prefer to use. This is a very subjective topic and I really know that there are a lot more…

Simultaneous Promises with async/await

09 June, 2020

- 2 min read

I recently got me a membership of egghead.io (this is a referral code) to learn more about web development and all those new technologies. I…

What I love about DuckDuckGo

04 June, 2020

- 5 min read

Last year I decided to ditch Google as my preferred search engine. I moved over to DuckDuckGo as my search engine of choice inside all my…

Configure SSH for a specific Host

23 April, 2020

- 1 min read

I had to set up an Ubuntu machine a couple weeks back and set up a fresh git server at work. To get rid of the authentication every single…

Generate a random hash with fixed length

28 November, 2019

- 1 min read

In one of my projects I’ve been working on lately I needed the opportunity to create random hashes. One day I found a simple method that…

Implement PrismJS in GatsbyJS

06 June, 2019

- 2 min read

I recently implemented PrismJS for code highlighting in GatsbyJS . Since there weren’t that many posts to do a quick installation here is…

My first GatsbyJS starter

18 May, 2019

- 4 min read

After seeing a post on Free Code Camps’ Blog from Amber Wilkie (here) about a Gatsby site using my theme I really have to do a post about…

Books and Podcasts March & April

07 May, 2019

- 4 min read

Hi everyone, it’s already May so here is the post about the things I read or listened to in the last two months. I hope you enjoy this short…

Markdown Post Creator

05 May, 2019

- 2 min read

This Sunday I had the idea to create a little tool to help me create my blog posts. I write my posts in Bear which is a beautiful MacOS and…

My First Developer Meetup

03 May, 2019

- 2 min read

I have been at my first meetup ever last week. It was a React meetup. Even if React is a really new technology for me I thought that this…

Insertion Sort Algorithm

21 April, 2019

- 2 min read

Something different today and maybe a lot more times in the future. We started with algorithms at university this term. To understand it…

Podcasts I Listen To

20 March, 2019

- 5 min read

I started listening to podcast somewhere last year and it got a whole lot more than I thought in the beginning. There are pretty much more…

What I Read 2018

27 February, 2019

- 4 min read

Today I will talk about the books I read in 2018. In the last year, I started reading more books since I finished my apprenticeship and I…


09 September, 2018

- 2 min read

Over the last weekend, I created Referancy. A basic Python 3 script to create referral links for markdown driven sites. For example this…