My name is Niklas Metje, from Cologne, Germany and this is my website about topics I find interesting and a place where I document my learnings. I try to write in such a way that it’s easy to understand even if one does not have the same understanding of the topic yet.

In 2015 I started an apprenticeship as an IT-specialist (system integration) with the University of Cologne where I worked at the universities’ administration and the regional computing centre (RRZK). After I finished my apprenticeship in 2018, I finished studying Business Information Systems at the University of Cologne in 2021. In addition to my studies I worked as a working student in software development at cologic GmbH & Co. KG. My main focus there was on web and cross-platform app development with Ionic and Angular. Due to my education I am also very interested in automation and service provision with e.g. Docker. After finishing my studies I started working at FOND OF as a DevOps Engineer.

Projects I did:

  • gatsby-starter-julia  - This GatsbyJS starter is the base of my website. I built it with minimalism and focus on the content in mind.
  • Simple Analytics iOS widget  - This scriptable iOS widget displays the Simple Analytics stats of the last 30 days on the iOS home screen. (project post)