Use GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) to host your Helm Charts

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TLDR: Full commands can be found at the end of the post.

Update - 14 February 2023: Added command to pull the hosted Helm chart. Pull from GHCR

I recently started to check out Helm and thought about the combination of hosting the charts on GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) since the charts follow the regular OCI (Open Container Image) standard which is also used by Docker container images. Because of that, I tried to understand the steps necessary to host my charts on GHCR since public charts / containers are free of charge. The following post will describe the necessary steps that are required. So let’s dive right in.

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Use Docker buildx in AWS CodeBuild to build multi-architecture Container Images

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TLDR: The buildspec.yaml can be found at the end of the post.

I’ve spent the last few days building multi-architecture containers in AWS Codebuild. There was no quick and easy guide, so I want to document my journey with this post.

Since I worked with buildx before I wanted to use it so I can build both images on the same host machine. I knew that GitHub actions for example already have actions to easily integrate buildx in one’s workflows.

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How to install Weave's Ignite for Firecracker VMs with simple script

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Since I want to get more into Firecracker MicroVMs I started playing around with Weave’s Ignite which gives a familiar interface to docker to interact with the VMs. I do this with DigitalOcean’s droplets (Affiliate link, get $100 in credits for 60 days for free) since they have KVM enabled and are pretty inexpensive. This script will also work on the $5/month Droplets. Since I set up a new droplet every time to save costs when testing Ignite out I wanted to keep it simple and "automate" the installation with a quick bash script. The steps are taken from the installation page from the Ignite docs).

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