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I started listening to podcast somewhere last year and it got a whole lot more than I thought in the beginning. There are pretty much more podcast minutes I listened to than music at the end of the week. Most of the time I listen to it is when I’m on my way to uni or work. Since I got to a point where I can understand the people twice as fast, I listened to more than 450 podcasts since the last September where I started using Breaker for my podcasts. I love to learn new things even if it’s not about development or IT in general. I also love to hear about people’s stories because everyone has a different unique story.

You can listen to these shows on every podcast app out there. I currently use Breaker. A podcast app with social features. Like Instagram but for podcasts. I’m @niklasmtj on there.

Without Fail

Alex Blumberg sits down with people who risked a whole lot and won and also sometimes lost on their way. Some of them tried something completely new or did something completely different than before. For example, Ron Johnson who designed the first Apple Store. Or in the newest episode Patty McCord who joined Netflix for HR when it still was a DVD company. She created a 125 slides deck about a new kind of company culture that changed a whole lot how HR is done in many companies nowadays. Definitely worth a listen!

Link to the show: Without Fail by Gimlet Media


A podcast about web development by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. I really enjoy listening to those guys. The podcast is super informational and sometimes so hilarious that I had one of these weird moments when smiling so much on the train that people around me probably thought that I’m crazy.

Link to the show: Syntax.fm

Front End Happy Hour

Hosted by developers from Netflix with many guests from different big tech companies such as Evernote, Atlassian or LinkedIn. They have a special word in every episode when said everyone has to take a sip of their drink. It’s funny to hear how many times they say the word unconsciously. Like the name says it’s mostly about front end development but also about the things they built. For example, the newest episode is about Netflix’s first interactive Movie Bandersnatch (Bandersnatching our drinks)

Link to the show: Front End Happy Hour

Developer Tea

By Jonathan Cutrell at Spec. Great tips about developing oneself to be a better software developer and even a better person. Even if it’s called developer tea some things aren’t limited to developers only. For example Starting Your Work Day with Autonomy. The episodes are about 15 minutes so it’s a quick listen.

Link to the show: Developer Tea

How I Built This

Hosted by Guy Ras at National Public Radio. He tells the story of the world’s best-known brands for example Logic, Five Guys, Power Rangers (YES really), Lyft and a whole lot more. Really interesting to hear that one of the biggest companies also had their struggles in the beginning.

Link to the show: How I Built This

Masters Of Scale

By Read Hofmann, the guy who founded LinkedIn. He always has one or more people to interview who founded or built big companies. A little bit like HIBT but as I said, I love people’s stories. They talk about how what they did before their success and how they made it that far. For example Spotify’s Daniel Ek, Mark Zuckerberg, or Flickr’s Caterina Fake (who also hosts „Should this exist?“)

Link to the show: Masters of Scale

Wolverine The Long Night

Yes, that Wolverine, the Marvel comic guy. Definitely a podcast which was binge-worthy. I don’t binge something that often but this podcast is so good that I really had to listen to it on every way I did from home to university and back. It’s a co-production by Marvel and Stitcher and the second season is already in production

Link to the show: Wolverine: The Lost Trail

Reply All

My absolute favorite. Also, a Gimlet Media podcast hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. A show about well, the internet and its stories. For example, they talk about some random twitter photos which aren’t that easy to understand at first. Or in one episode Vogt and Goldman get into a couple of mysterious calls with strange voices in the background. A really great episode #104 The Case of the Phantom Caller. But my most favorite episode is the one where Goldman got called by a telephone scammer. This two part episode is pure gold #102 Long Distance

Link to the show Reply All by Gimlet Media

Thank you for your time.
I might do a best of podcast episodes every two to three month from now on.

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